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Defensive Slide/Close Out Drill

Basketball Picture Of Defensive Players

Basketball Picture Of Defensive Players

This basketball drill is the Defensive Slide/Close Out Drill

Level – All

Instructions – Have your team get in a circle (preferably around the half court circle). Number them off 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, etc… Number 1’s go first.

Coach yells “defense ready?” Players reply by slapping the floor and saying “defense”, getting in a defensive position and starting quick feet in place.

Coach blows the whistle and the players close out on the middle, back peddle and slide around the number 2’s saying “ball, ball, ball”. They are then in a different spot and close out again on the middle.

They do this until they reach back to where they started. Then the number 2’s go. While one group is going have the other group wait in a good defensive position.