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Defensive Zig Zag Drill

Picture Of Basketball Defensive Player

Picture Of Basketball Defensive Player

Level: All levels

One of my favorite basketball drills is the defensive zigzag practice drill which can be used at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

This drill is excellent for developing defensive skills and helps defenders learn to apply appropriate pressure on the ball. It is a simple drill that can be used at any level of play.

Instructions: To begin, make three lines on the baseline. The first line plays full-court man defense. The second line will play offense and dribble the ball up the floor in a zig-zag style. Practicing this drill will teach kids how to play defense and move their feet properly for defensive footwork.

Highly Effective Defensive Drill
by: Anonymous 

The basketball zig zag defensive drill is a timeless classic. It’s a simple drill that can, and should, be used at all levels of competition because it works on the basic footwork needed to play solid man defense.

The one thing I like to do before I use the Zig Zag drill is to just have the players work on the defensive footwork without having to guard an offensive player.

The drill would be run exactly the same as Bill explains it; however, just leave out the offensive player. The players would work on their defensive footwork and slide as they zig zag down the basketball court.

Once they understand the concept and have their defensive footwork down, then add an offensive player. This is especially important at the beginner and intermediate levels.

One other thing that I like about the Zig Zag drill is that it allows the offensive players to work on their dribbling and ball handling skills against pressure defense.

This is great basketball drill that benefits both offensive and defensive players.