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Don’t Make A Spectacle Of Yourself

We’ve all seen those obnoxious sports parents who make fools of themselves under the guise of encouraging their children. You know the kind I’m talking about. It’s the guy who’s always screaming insults at the refs or telling them how to do their jobs better.

To listen to this guy, you’d think that he was a professional coach, player, or something. Chances are he’s only an armchair coach who never played basketball himself but thinks he knows the game better than anyone. “What’s the matter with you idiots? My kid didn’t foul anyone. And why are you taking my son out of the lineup, you stupid coach? Anyone can see that he’s the best player out there.”

Or it’s the mom who screeches her child’s name constantly. “Go, little Billy. Get the ball. That’s it. No-o-o-o! That’s my boy. That’s my Billy. Do it for Mama, sweet Billy! Give it that old Michael Jordan touch for me, Billy boy.”

Or it’s a dad who, when his child approaches him after the game and says “How did I do, Dad?” replies: “Why the heck did you throw that terrible pass in the 2nd quarter? And I can’t believe it was my son who tripped running up the court. And of course you didn’t listen when I told you and told you not to shoot from the weak side…”

Whatever these parents think they’re doing, they are NOT helping their child. They aren’t building his self-confidence. They aren’t making him feel good about his efforts. And furthermore, they’re embarrassing him in front of his friends.

It’s okay to cheer, but never let yourself get carried away to the point that you’re a nuisance to the people around you and an embarrassment to your child.

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Dec 06, 2007
There’s no need to embarrass your child
by: Joe Waters – webmaster This is an excellent point Corrine and a great basketball tip for all parents.We’ve all seen these types of parents and we all know how ridiculous they look. So, do yourself, your child, the coach, the team and all the spectators a HUGE favor…don’t be one of these parents.

What a great tip for basketball parents Corrine – thanks.