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Don’t Pressure Your Child

Do not put too much pressure on your child!

Basketball is very important to them and maybe to you, but in the end, it is only a game. If you pressure them too much, it won’t be fun any longer and when it stops being fun, your child will not do as well!

When I was a student athlete, a lot of the best players had pushy parents. By the time we hit high school, a lot of them has quit playing because it was not fun any more and they could not stand the pressure their folks were putting on them!

Don’t take the joy of the game away from your child. Also, talk to them about their sport. Make sure they love their team, league and coach.

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Dec 06, 2007
All Great Points
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Great tips for any basketball parent.

Never pressure your child in basketball or any other sport. They are there to have fun, learn the game of basketball and enjoy themselves.

Many kids will put pressure on themselves to get better and compete…and that’s fine. However, it’s not fine when parents do that.

Our job is to offer support and guidance to our children and help them have a positive and rewarding basketball experience.

Thanks for the great basketball tips Sean.