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Dribble Specs…Basketball Dribbling Goggles Designed to Improve Your Ball-Handling Skills

Dribble Specs Force You To Dribble By Feel


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One of the most common mistakes made when dribbling is to look down at the basketball. This is most noticeable in younger players; however, more experienced players are sometimes at fault as well.

Coaches continually tell their players to keep their head up while they are dribbling the basketball. By doing this they are able to see the entire court, react to the defense, and pass to open teammates. If their head is down while they are dribbling, then they are not as effective at doing these things.


Dribbling Specs restrict the downward vision of the ball handler -including their peripheral vision. This forces them to play by feel – not by looking at the ball. By not looking down at the ball, the dribbler is able to concentrate more on what’s happening on the court.


  • One size fits all.
  • Adjustable strap in back for comfort and fit.
  • Made of soft plastic that conforms to your face.

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