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Free Basketball Shooting Drills

These Free Basketball Shooting Drills are designed to help players become more proficient at shooting the basketball.

Players that are effective at shooting the basketball tend to be better all-around offensive players. By being a better shooter, they are more difficult to defend and are considered more of a threat on the offensive end of the court.

Players typically practice shooting more than any other fundamental skill of the game. Shooting the basketball is fun! Every player loves to be able to shoot the ball through the hoop. It’s what basketball is all about!

Becoming a great shooter doesn’t just happen. Players must dedicate themselves to working on this important aspect of their game.

The free basketball shooting drills below, along with the proper dedication and commitment will help players improve their shooting skills. Yes, I believe any player can become a great shooter – if they are willing to work at it.

By practicing and understanding the free basketball shooting drills below…

  • Players will develop the proper shooting mechanics and fundamentals needed to succeed. Their comfort and confidence level will increase as they work on these drills.
  • Parents will develop a better understanding of the various skills their child needs to become a good shooter. They will be in a better position to help their child with these drills and monitor their progress.
  • Coaches will be able to give their players the skills needed to become good at shooting the basketball. Their players will have a better understanding of what it takes to improve their shooting.
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Free Basketball Shooting Drills

Free Basketball Shooting Drill #1: Hot Seat Drill

Description – This is a fun shooting drill that players at every level of competition can enjoy. It is similar to the game “Knock out”.

Instructions – Players will form a line behind the free-throw line. The first player in line will shoot the basketball. If they make the shot they will go to the back of the line. If they miss the shot they will sit in the hot seat.

The next player in line will now shoot the basketball. If they make the shot, the person in the hot seat is eliminated from the game. If they miss the shot they have to sit in the hot seat and the person who was sitting there gets to rejoin the game.

Players – Entire Team.

Variations – Instead of having the person sit out in the hot seat, have them perform a physical activity (jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc…) until they are either eliminated or re-enter the game.

Skills – Free-throw shooting.

Free Basketball Shooting Drill #2: Roll-It Drill

Description – This is a great drill to help improve players’ shooting, ball handling and defensive skills.

Instructions – Player 1 will start on the baseline with the basketball. Player 2 will start at the free throw line. Player 1 will roll the basketball to player 2 and then run out to play tough man-to-man defense. Once player 2 picks up the basketball, they have three dribbles to take a good shot. If they make the shot, they win. If they miss the shot, player 1 wins.

Players – 2.

Variations – This can also be a live ball drill that is continued until either player 2 scores or player 1 gains possession of the basketball.

Skills – Ball handling, Shooting, Driving To The Basket, Basketball Moves, & Defense.

Free Basketball Shooting Drill #3: Make It – Miss It Drill

Description – This is a great free throw shooting drill that also incorporates conditioning into it.

Instructions – One player starts with the basketball at the free throw line. Their teammates choose whether the shooter will make or miss the free throw. Players will line up on one side of the free throw lane if they pick “make”, and on the other side if they pick “miss”. The players that made the wrong choice have to do a conditioning drill (sprints, taps, etc…).

Players – Entire Team.

Variations – You can also have the entire team do a conditioning drill if the shooter misses – there’s no choice.

Skills – Free-Throw Shooting & Conditioning.

Free Basketball Shooting Drill #4: 2-Bounce Drill

Description – This is another fun shooting drill that all players will enjoy. This is shooting game similar to 21, but without the defense.

Instructions – The first player in line will shoot a three-point shot. If they miss the shot, then the next player in line has to let the basketball bounce two times before getting it. Once they get the ball after the second bounce, they have to shoot from that spot. If they miss their shot, then the next player in line does the same thing.

When a player makes their shot, they go to the free throw line and shoot. If they miss, then the next player in line has to let it bounce twice before shooting. If the player makes their free throw, then they shoot again. If they make three free throws in a row, then they back up to the 3-point line and shoot from there. This action continues for the entire game. The first player to score 21 points wins.

Players – At Least 2.

Tips – Players must hustle after the basketball, get set, and then take a good shot.

Variations – For younger players, you can use closer starting points for this drill. You can even modify this to one bounce so their shots aren’t as far away.

Skills – Shooting & Hustling After The Basketball.


I hope you found these Free Basketball Shooting Drills to be helpful and informative. Remember – shooting is the essence of the game of basketball.

Every player loves shooting! But to be a great shooter – players must work at it consistently. Players who are willing to do this can become complete, all-around basketball players!

For more great advice on basketball, please check out our youth basketball tips page.

Enjoy and best of luck!