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3-Point Shooting & Free Throw Fundamentals For Success

By learning and understanding the 3-Point Shooting & Free Throw Fundamentals below:

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  • Players will become more effective at shooting free throws and 3-point shots.
  • Parents will be able to help their child practice and learn the proper techniques of these shots.
  • Coaches will increase their knowledge and understanding of shooting these two types of shots. They will be much more effective at teaching these important skills of the game.

Enjoy and best of luck!

3-Point & Free Throw
Shooting Fundamentals

  • When shooting free throws or 3-pointers, use the same shooting technique and mechanics as for a regular shot.
  • It’s very important to avoid changing your shot technique for these shots.
  • When shooting a 3-pointer, forward pivot into your shot to transfer forward momentum into upward momentum.
  • Power for the 3-pointer comes from the legs. Avoid slinging or throwing the ball from the shoulder to make the distance.
  • Before attempting 3-pointers, you must first have a good shot technique in close to the basket.
  • When shooting free throws, keep your routine as simple as possible.
  • Remember, always avoid changing your shot. Develop a shooting consistency.
  • Just like anything else, good free throw shooting takes practice. Put in the time needed to develop a consistent shot.
  • If you’re open at the free throw line during the game, take the shot. If you practice your free throws enough, this should be an automatic shot.
  • Try to avoid reverse pivoting when you square up for your shot.
  • Again, a forward pivot helps you shift momentum and go straight up into a balanced shot.