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From Guard To Post

Picture of Basketball Post Player

Picture of Basketball Post Player

I’m a high school basketball SHOOTING GUARD and I’m pretty daang good at it too!!!

I wish someone would tell my coach that because he’s got me playing post and is giving me no tips on how to do it.

I just need some help on staying cool down low. I often catch myself freaking when I get the basketball and either passing it off and losing an opportunity to score, or getting some kind of violation (travel, 3 seconds, etc…)

So, I need some help.

Can you give me some low post moves? Plus, how do I get my mind set to where I stay cool when everything is going on.

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Jan 14, 2008
Understanding your role is important.
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Thanks for the basketball question Caleb.

Understanding your role on the team is important. You might want to talk to your coach to find out why he moved you to a low post position. Then ask him to give you some tips, advice, drills you can do to get better at that position.

As far as staying cool once you get the basketball, that will come with having a better understanding of how to play that position – which comes from talking /working with your coach.

Also, think of it this way. When you were a guard and had the basketball, you had to see the court and decide on the best move for you and your teammates. When you’re in the low post, you have to make the same decisions. You have to stay under control to do these things on the basketball court – otherwise you won’t be as effective.

I hope this information helps you with your basketball question.