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Full Court Lay-up Drill

Picture Of Basketball Player Shooting A Lay-Up

Picture Of Basketball Player Shooting A Lay-Up

Title: Full Court Lay-ups

Level: Beginners and Intermediate

Instructions: There are two lines of players, each out of bounds first on the right side of the court around the shoulder area.

Starting out there are two players in front of the hoops at each basket. They throw up the ball and bounce it off the backboard, the first person in each outlet line will start to go towards the opposite hoop and call “outlet”.

The player with the ball will pass the basketball to the outlet man and then get into their line. After the person makes a lay-up, he/she will stay in front of the hoop and get the rebound for the next person, then get into the next line.

This is repeated until each player has done a lay-up twice at each basket. Then you repeat the process with power lay-ups instead. After shooting lay-ups, the players can do 15-foot baseline jump shots.