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Hot Youth Basketball Team Fund Raising Ideas

The Fund Raising Ideas & Tips in this section will not only help get your fund raising campaign off to a great start – but will also help your group reach their financial goals more effectively!

I know most coaches, parents and players have come to dread the annual fund raising campaign. But the truth is, without the funds, there would often be no program. So as much as we all seem to dread fund raising – it is a necessity!

There are some very practical and effective fund raising ideas that will make a dramatic difference in your fund raising efforts.

Let’s start with the most important aspect of fund raising – Having FUN!!After all, if the campaign isn’t fun – the participants aren’t as likely to do as well. Which means less funds for your group.

Here are ten tips for making your fund raising campaign fun:

  • Stay organized. A well organized fundraiser will run more smoothly with less hassles and headaches.
  • Keep it short. A long fundraiser will tire you and your group out.
  • Organize a campaign kickoff party – as well as a closing party.
  • Keep the communication lines open so that nothing unforeseen can creep up.
  • Remain open to new ways of getting donors.
  • Keep the campaign simple.
  • Have great rewards for your group every time they reach a goal.
  • Praise your group often for their efforts.
  • Focus on the positive aspects when discussing the fund raiser.
  • And HAVE FUN!!

In addition to these great tips, I have also organized some more Incredible Fund Raising Ideas below.

Enjoy the information and best of luck with your fund raising campaign!

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