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Valuable Tips To Help You Plan A Successful Fundraising Campaign

Running a successful fundraising campaign for your basketball team can be a challenge but unless you’re lucky enough to have a wealthy benefactor, it’s a necessity of life. Believe it or not, a fund raising campaign can actually be fun if you handle it right.

Start by setting an objective. Your fundraising campaign objective should state the amount of money you need to raise as well as the purpose for raising the money. Perhaps you need to raise $800 for new uniforms or maybe you need to raise $2000 to travel to the state championship game. Make sure everyone knows exactly what they’re working for.

Decide on a deadline. You don’t want your fund raising campaign to run on and on indefinitely. About two weeks is a good length of time for a fundraiser. Participants can stay motivated and excited about the campaign for that long and no one will get bored.

Management of Your Fundraising Campaign

Sound management strategies and organization are keys to a successful campaign and also reduce the stress that often comes with fundraising.

Collecting money. If your teams sells something like candy bars for a fund raising campaign, you’ll probably have the candy on hand and collect money at the same you give the candy to your customers. If your team sells something customers must order, like tins of cookies or candles or frozen cookie dough, have team members collect money at the time they take orders from customers. That way you don’t have to worry about possibly having trouble collecting later or ordering more items than customers will actually purchase.

Packaging orders. Packaging orders can be a big job. If you sell tubs of frozen cookie dough for your fundraising campaign, for example, you’ll receive three dozen tubs of sugar cookie dough and four dozen tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough and so on, and you’ll need to sort out how many tubs of which flavor go to which customers. Recruit volunteers in advance for the job, with a chairperson to supervise it all. Make sure everyone double checks their orders before making deliveries.

Incentives for Fundraisers

You won’t always need incentives to encourage team members and others to participate in a fundraising campaign for your team. If team members need to raise money in order to travel to a tournament, for instance, they are probably already quite motivated to do so. In other cases, though incentives can help and make the fund raising campaign more fun.

Prize for the best seller. You can have a prize for the person that sells the most items or raises the most money. That offers a strong incentive for all participants to do their best, but those that have trouble selling many items or raising much money for any reason may feel left out or disinclined to put forth much effort.

Prizes for raising a set amount. You can have a prize for every person that raises a set amount of money or sells a certain amount of items. This allows you to recognize everyone that puts forth a good effort and gives everyone an incentive to participate in the fundraiser.

Raffle prizes. If you can’t afford to have prizes for everyone that raises a set amount, you can enter everyone that reaches that amount into a raffle and draw names for prizes. This may allow you to offer better prizes, too, since you don’t have to have prizes for as many people.

Creative rewards. You don’t have to give prizes to reward your team members for doing a good job with your fund raising campaign. Consider things like having the basketball coach agree to wear a funny costume while coaching a game if the team raises a certain amount of money.

For more fundraising ideas, be sure to visit Amazon.com. They have several excellent books on fundraising program ideas, and help with the entire process by providing all the support, documentation, and supplies you will need.