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Fundraising Software To Improve Your Campaign

Consider using some form of fundraising software to help you keep track of donors and contact them easily. Software can also help keep track of all your good fundraising ideas for your basketball team. It’s a great tool that can benefit your team in many ways.

Numerous companies sell fundraising software and you’ll have to figure out which software will work best for your organization. It will depend in part on your needs and also on your budget. You may even be able to find free software designed for smaller non-profit groups, though it may not have all the features you’d like. Some software programs are quite expensive, but it may be worth the expense if you can afford it. Sometimes you can get a free trial so you can try it out before you buy, which is definitely a good idea.

Types and Benefits of Software

Some software is primarily designed to help with accounting. It keeps track of all your donations and expenses related to fundraising. It’s very convenient, especially if math is not your strong suit. It can really help out at tax time, too.

Other software includes features like the ability to automatically generate thank you letters for donors. These are good fundraising ideas because they help donors feel even better about supporting your team and increase the likelihood that they will donate again in the future. These software programs often come with built in thank you letters so you don’t even have to compose your own, although of course you can write your own if you prefer a more personal touch.

Some fundraising software includes features like allowing donors the ability to sign up to make regular donations electronically, such as having a set amount charged to a credit card or deducted from a bank account every month. This is convenient for donors and saves you the work of making regular telephone calls or sending regular letters to donors, although personal contact is also valuable from time to time. These are good fundraising ideas that can help your team raise even more money while saving you time and effort.

Fundraising software often allows you to send emails to all the donors in your database to remind them about upcoming events. More attendance may mean more donations, plus you may get volunteers to help with events. You can also ask donors if they have any other good fundraising ideas for your team!

Some software programs allow you to input all your good fundraising ideas and keep track of them. They will also let you know which fundraisers earned the most money so you can decide what to go with in the future.

Another benefit to using fundraising software is that it takes you away from your desk and gives you more time to deal with the public, which is where the real act of fundraising occurs, of course. Since most software programs are pretty user friendly, various volunteers can help with the tasks, too, freeing up even more of your time.

Choosing the Best Software for Your Team

When choosing the best software for your basketball team, consider your needs. Do you have a large number of donors? Do you have a lot of expenses to keep track of? Are you really good with computers, or do you have someone that works with your organization that is good with computers? How much money can you spend on software for your team? Companies that sell software can usually help you choose the best software package for your needs, as many companies offer more than one software program.