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Get Involved & Pay Attention

Youth Basketball Picture

Youth Basketball Picture

Here are several tips for basketball parents.

As a parent, if you are not learning what the coach is teaching it can cause a conflict between you and the coach.

You may know exactly what you are doing but it may not be in the coach’s philosophy of the game. So watch how he/she does it, don’t criticize the coach’s work just follow what they are teaching. This will help you and your child have a happy basketball season.

If you are able to, volunteer to help your child’s basketball team. You don’t necessarily have to coach, but can get involved as the team parent, organize the snacks for the game, start a phone tree in case practice or games have been canceled.

Every coach or league official would gladly jump at the idea of a parent getting more involved in the league.


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Mar 27, 2009
Get Involved by Collecting the Game Statistics
by: Grandfather Bob As a grandfather with three grandsons playing basketball, I watch many games.I have become involved by collecting the game statistics for their games.

These stats allow the coach to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual players and the team. This allows the coach to concentrate on improving weaknesses and using the strengths of players and the team when planning team tactics and suitable plays. I have used an Excel Workbook during this season.

The Workbook is simple to use and works out a range of totals , averages and efficiency figures for the players and the team. Become involved and give it a go and you will be the coaches friend for life.

Dec 17, 2007
The role of coaches in children’s sports and a mom’s observations
by: Kakie I wanted to share a couple of stories from my first experience as a mom of a 1st grade basketball son today. I am a single working professional mother who writes children’s books that introduce kids to sports and outdoor exploration. This year I was fortunate enough to have exposure to some great coaches. Thanks to all who give of yourselves through your service!

Warmest wishes

Dec 06, 2007
Volunteers are always needed
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Excellent point Brandon. This basketball tip for parents is extremely important. There are many ways for parents to get involved with their child’s basketball experience. You can become a volunteer coach, team parent, score keeper, etc…

The point that Brandon makes that I really like is that all parents, whether you get involved physically with the team or not, still need to be involved as far as knowing what’s going on. Parents need to be on the same page as their child’s basketball coach.

As simple as this sounds, it will pay huge dividends by the end of the season. You as the parent will be much more capable of helping your child succeed at basketball if you are on the same page as their coach.

Great basketball tips!