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Girls Youth Basketball Question

Picture of Girl Basketball Players

Picture of Girl Basketball Players

I have some basketball questions about coaching girls.

How can you make a team out of girls who have never played together in such little time?

What is the most important thing you want to focus on when you only have 2 hours of practice time a week?

We practice rebounding and still the girls will not rebound.

We have one offensive play it will work against man and zone defense, but still my girls will not run the play.

I try screaming at them and I tried not screaming at them but nothing works.

Thanks for helping me with my girls basketball questions.

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Jan 10, 2008
by: Anonymous This actually is about team chemistry. I found that out with a basketball team I coached at one time.Here’s how you fix this problem. Go out with the team – team suppers, going to the amusement park, just anything social with the team.

Make sure that everyone is involved – including you. The closer they become the more they’ll respect and listen to each other. At least that’s what happened with me.

Nov 19, 2007
Help with your girls basketball questions…
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Hi Diana,Based on your basketball questions you have asked, this is what you should focus on.

First: You must convince the girls that they are a basketball team. Their success depends on how hard they work, how well they practice and play as a team, and most importantly how much attention and respect they give you and their teammates.

Second: Practice organization. If you only have two hours of practice a week (I’m not sure if that’s one two-hour practice or a number of shorter practices) but either way…it’s important to have your practices planned out and organized to the minute. Decide which skills and drills you want to work on and then set a time for each drill. 5 – 10 minutes is good. Complete the drill and move on to the next one. Don’t let the drills run on. Keep the girls moving from one drill to the next. Their only break should be a timed water break.

Third: Set disciplinary actions for the girls who are not listening or goofing off during practice. You should not have to yell and scream to get their attention. Extra sprints usually gets the players attention pretty quickly.

Fourth: Work on the basic fundamentals of basketball. Dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defense. Do this with fun and competitive drills and scrimmages. Again the drills should be timed and all players should be focussed and giving 100%. If not…wind sprints will help get their attention.

Fifth: As far as getting the girls to rebound or run the offensive plays, that will change once you add some structure and discipline to your practices.

The last thing, and maybe the most important for you or any other basketball coach in this position, I want to point out is that the more structured and disciplined you are as a coach – the harder your players will practice and the better they will perform. That doesn’t mean yelling and screaming, but rather a structured approach to your practices and games.

Diana I hope this answers the basketball questions you have posted here. If you’re serious about coaching basketball, I would suggest you learn all you can about the game. The more educated you are about basketball…the more effective you will be at coaching the girls.