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Great Basketball Tip For Parents

Here’s a valuable tip for basketball parents: Point out your child’s individual strengths and what they can do for the basketball team.

My son is in third grade and he went to his very first basketball practice last night. He really enjoyed it and he did an excellent job. I praised him for his hard work and great attitude.

Once we got home, I sat down with him and addressed his strengths. As my son is much shorter than the other kids on his basketball team, I informed him that this is actually a strength. He is much faster and more able to squeeze through crowds to steal the ball. He is also able to stay low and dribble quickly, making it harder for the other kids to steal the basketball.

My son then stated that he thought another taller boy was much better at shooting then him though. I informed him that this was great news! Now he can feel more confident about stealing the ball, getting it down the court, and then passing it to the boy who is a great shooter! I explained that great teamwork is what wins basketball games.

After our talk, he was extremely pumped up so we played a little “imaginary” basketball in our living room while my daughter cheered us on…….MUCH FUN!!!!