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Guides for parents dropping and collecting children from basketball training/games

Youth Basketball Picture

Youth Basketball Picture

I am the secretary of a girls basketball club and I would appreciate your help regarding parents collecting and dropping kids to basketball training and games.

Is there a standard letter advising parents that we are not responsible for children being dropped early and collected late from basketball traing and games.

Some parents don’t even enter the hall to drop their kids off. They let them off at the car park and hope the basketball coach and manager have turned up.

Thank you.



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Nov 15, 2008
This is a Major Problem…
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Thanks for the great basketball question Angela.This is a major problem in basketball and all youth sports – and one that needs to be dealt with immediately and firmly by the coaches, managers and supervisors.

I don’t have a specific letter for this situation; however, I do think you can draft one that explains the drop off and pick up guidelines to the parents.

Also, you may want to call for a meeting (or include in your letter) to discuss with the parents that they really should be more involved in their child’s basketball season. That means attending practices and games.

Now, in reality not all parents are able to attend every single basketball practice and game. Sometimes their scheduled do not allow for this. That’s understandable.

I would make a point to let the parents know that the more they are involved in their child’s basketball season, the more the child will enjoy it – and will appreciate their involvement.

I know it’s frustrating, but you must remember that it’s not the players fault that their parents drop them off early and pick them up late. So…make sure the blame is never placed on the kids. This situation has to be dealt resolved by dealing with the parents. I think you’re making a great decision by drafting a letter to explain this situation and your policies.

Best of luck!