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Valuable Article On How To Play Basketball Defense

How To Play Basketball Defense: 10 Tips For Success

Learning How To Play Basketball Defense properly helps teams become more successful. I’m sure everyone has heard the saying, “Defense wins championships”. That’s a very common statement when describing the most successful teams in basketball – at all levels of play.

As many times as we’ve heard that said and actually proven on the court, most players and coaches still don’t make defense a top priority when developing their game. Why is that?

Well to start, learning how to play basketball defense is hard work! Sadly enough, most players and coaches aren’t willing to put in the time and effort needed to become successful on the defensive end of the court. The other reason most players and coaches aren’t dedicated to improving their defensive game is that it isn’t as fun as other aspects of the game.

Yes – shooting, dribbling, passing and the other aspects of offense are often more enjoyable to teach, learn and practice. So…that’s where most players and coaches focus their time and effort. But in order to become complete and well-rounded in all aspects of the game, players and coaches must dedicate a portion of their time on learning how to play basketball defense. It’s critical to their success!

The ten criteria I have listed below will help determine whether a player can be considered a complete defensive player. This is helpful for coaches and players alike. How so?

Well, coaches can use these criteria to help develop their approach to the defensive game. They can use it as a foundation for success. Players can use this information to help them focus on the importance of becoming a defensive specialist! Again, they can use this as their foundation for success on the defensive end of the court!

In order to become a complete defensive player, you must:

1. Have quick hands and quick feet.

2. Be able to jump quickly and repetitively.

3. Have good instincts and react quickly to the action on the court.

4. Have a coach that is focused on and committed to improving individual and team defense.

5. Be able to play a variety of defenses (Man-to-man, zones, half-court traps, full-court press, etc…).

6. Be able to make a quick transition from the offensive end of the floor to your defensive position.

7. Have a thorough understanding of the entire game and all of its concepts and strategies.

8. Communicate with your teammates on the defensive end of the court.

9. Be able to play both strong-side and weak-side defense equally as well.

10. Practice proper defensive stance, footwork and positioning.

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