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The Hyper Gravity Weight Belt: Training For The Dedicated Athlete

The Hyper Gravity Weight Belt Comes Complete with the Hypergravity Jump and Speed Training Program

Want to jump higher? Have more hang time? Run faster? Be more explosive? Well…of course you do!!

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Those are all key elements to being a complete, all-around, highly effective basketball player.

Some players are born with those natural talents. They are gifted athletes that can run, jump and hang better than anyone else. For the rest of us, we have to train in order to improve in and excel at those areas of the game.

The Hyper Gravity Weighted Belt is an incredible training aid that helps improve your vertical jump, hang time and overall breakaway speed. Simply put – you become a more EXPLOSIVE player!

In fact, a 6-week study showed that athletes wearing the weighted belts outperformed athletes not wearing the belts by over 200% in the standing jump and 32% in the running jump. The results are obvious – weighted belts work!

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