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Lack of Strength on Free Throws

Picture Of Basketball Free Throws

Picture Of Basketball Free Throws

Hi, I was wondering how I could get strong enough to shoot from the free throw line without jumping.

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Jan 07, 2008
Up Force
by: Anonymous I know the exact thing because I was in the same place a while back. Use the up force.I guarantee that if you pay attention you will notice that you’re probably letting the shot go once you hit the peak of rising up.

The trick is not to let go at the peak but to let go just before you reach the peak so that the strength in your knees is where the shot comes from, not your arms.

Dec 06, 2007
Free Throw Advice
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Great basketball question Amber.Jumping on free throws is very common among younger players and those that have not yet developed their upper body strength. Sometimes you just have to wait until you get older and a little stronger.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions…

1. Practice shooting your free throws at a distance close enough so you don’t have to jump. Once you can comfortably shoot from that distance for a certain number of shots, move back one foot. Keep doing this until you reach the FT line.

2. Work on your free throws every day. Set a goal to shoot X number of FTs each day before or after practice or at home. This will help develop your upper body shooting strength.

3. Make sure you’re shooting with proper form…in practice and in the games. Even if you have to jump, be sure that your shooting technique is correct.

Best of luck and thanks for the great basketball question.