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Last Man Up Basketball Drill

Basketball Court Picture

Basketball Court Picture

This is the Last Man Up Basketball Drill.

Level: Beginner & Up

Instructions: Start all players in a single file line running a lap around the gym. Once a full lap has been completed, the last player in the line sprints to the front of the line while the line is still running laps.

Once the player gets to the front of the line, he/she yells, “Last Man Up”. Once this is the heard, the new “last man” sprints to the front. This pattern continues until all players have been at the front of the line.

This basketball drill is great for conditioning both before and during the season. It is not only good for building stamina, but also good for teamwork. The players must work together as a team to adjust the speed so the last man can make it to the front without being exhausted. Also, it gives everyone a chance to be in the position of leadership.