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Long Range Shots

Picture of Basketball Player Shooting Half Court Shot

Picture of Basketball Player Shooting Half Court Shot

Should you throw your hand like you’re throwing a football when taking a long range shot from beyond half court?

Or should you shoot it normal as if you were making a three pointer?

Which way is better and why?

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Jan 10, 2008
Drift it
by: Anonymous I think the best way to shoot half-court shots is kinda like a drifting jump shot (like the guy’s doing in your picture)

This type of basketball shot has more balance and power. If you use your football throw it’s kinda like all the pressure is in that arm and the shot becomes less accurate.

Nov 28, 2007
How to shoot a half-court shot
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Great question Kwamina.

When shooting a half-court shot, there are several things to take into consideration.

First, how much upper body strength do you have and how well can you control the ball? Some players aren’t able to shoot the basketball from half-court, so they throw it like a baseball. Other players have more strength and prefer to shoot it like a long three-pointer.

Second, you have to consider the situation of the game. Sometimes you might be dribbling the ball full speed towards half-court, in which case you would shoot on the run (like the picture on the previous page). At other times, you may get a pass in to half-court, turn toward the basket and throw the ball like a baseball.

Third, how much do you practice each of these shots? Some coaches have their players spend a few minutes in each practice working on each type of shot in various game situations.

So, your answers to this information will help determine which type of half-court shot is best for you.

Note: I would recommend working on both types of shots so that you are prepared for the different situations you might face during the basketball game.