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Make Your Own Web Site… Start Your Online BusinessToday!

Would you like to Make Your Own Web Site? Or maybe start your own online business? It’s not as difficult as you might think!

Don’t believe me?? Let me share my story with you – maybe this will change your mind!

Our Story…

My wife and I have owned a couple of traditional businesses (fitness center & carpet cleaning) during the last ten years. About 5 years ago we became extremely interested in starting an online business.

But where should we start? And what should we do? Those were two HUGEquestions for us!

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Our First Online Attempt

Well, like so many others, eBay and online auctions seemed like a perfect place to start. After all, millions of other people were operating and succeeding with their eBay venture. Right??!!

We jumped into our online auction venture with both feet! We read books, studied manuals and got started fairly quickly. It really wasn’t that difficult to get this business going at all. Piece of cake right? Open up the flood gates of wealth?! Well, not quite!

After a couple of months we noticed something. Actually two things.

First, running an online auction business wasn’t as easy or attractive as it first appeared. If you’ve ever done it – you know what I’m talking about. The listing, selling, packing, shipping, feedback, complaints, questions…… That was NO fun!

Second, and most importantly, we were not passionate about what we were doing. We had no passion at all for our online auctions! It seemed more like a job we dreaded doing rather than a business we enjoyed running.

Now…I don’t mean to bash online auctions or anyone who runs an eBay business. Many people are quite successful with this online venture. It just wasn’t the right fit for us!

There Must Be A Better Way

So on to Plan B! Dena and I were determined to start an online business. So I went searching for information that would teach me exactly how to do this. The key words here are “teach me”!

I wanted to learn how to build a business the right way. One that was built with the proper techniques to ensure my long-term success. I wanted to learn how to do this – I didn’t want someone else to do it for me. And I certainly didn’t want to buy a web site template and simply insert my name and then call it my site. That did not appeal to me at all!

Well, if you’ve ever done a search for “start an online business” or “build a web site” or “create a web site” you know that the internet is FLOODED with information on how to do this. Most of this information comes from various companies interested in taking your money – not helping you make your own web site and build a solid, successful online business. I know – I tried a few!!

Remember, I was very determined to succeed and do this “online thing” the right way. So a couple of failures or missteps weren’t going to stop me. What it did was made me wiser. I became more diligent in my research of the various web site companies. More selective with what I spent my time and money looking at. My diligence, determination and patience led me to a company call Site Build It (SBI).

An Old Friend Re-Visited

Now ironically enough, several years ago a friend of mine suggested that I purchase SBI’s Make Your Site Sell (MYSS). This would teach me how to build a web site the right way!! So, being that she was an online expert, I listened to her.

I bought MYSS – I just never got around to reading it! I guess my determination and desire to build an online business weren’t as strong at that point. So it sat on my desktop for a long time.

But when SBI came back into my life the second time – the information was much more relevant to my situation. I engulfed myself in the material that SBI founder Dr. Ken Evoy put together on the various aspects of building an online business.

The greatest thing I found was that most of these materials or tools were ABSOLUTELY FREE!! That’s right – SBI provides a wide variety of tools, ebooks and other training materials free. They do this to show their visitors the incredible power their web site service has.

An SBI Education

I started out by reading MYSS, which by the way wasn’t free when I first got it. I think it cost around $20.00 which is still cheap being that it contains over 1500 info-packed pages!

This gave me a thorough understanding of the entire web site building process. This reading gave me the confidence that I needed to build a web site. After reading MYSS, I decided that I wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing. So from there, I read the Affiliate Masters Course – another FREE SBI tool!

This course gave me a complete understanding of how affiliate marketing works. It also let me try out many of the SBI tools I would actually be using to build my own site. Yes that’s right! SBI let’s you try out some of the tools you use to build a web site. Again, they do this to demonstrate the sheer power, simplicity and effectiveness of their system.

A New Venture Begins

After these two readings, I was convinced that SBI was the company for me! Not only do they offer an incredible array of FREE tools to introduce you to their system – BUT more importantly they have an INCREDIBLE SYSTEM!

Yes, there are many web site companies that claim to be the best – but SBI actually proves it – check this out!! I don’t like companies that give you a lot of hype without proving their results. SBI proves their results! Actually – they prove the successful results people are having with their system. People that use SBI to build a web site are successful – that’s the bottom line!

This basketball site proves the effectiveness of the SBI system! I had zero – that’s right ZERO – knowledge about building a web site. Now, after about 5 years, I have a site that I am passionate about. I have built over 300 pages of great content on a subject that I absolutely love! In addition to this, the traffic (or unique visitors) has continued to grow each month and is now over 3,000 visitors per day!

I am in the midst of what Ken Evoy calls the “snowball process”. Meaning once the site is built using the SBI techniques and strategies, the traffic and momentum will start to roll and build like a huge snowball.

I wasn’t too sure about this snowball effect the first time I read it. But eight months later I can say with all honesty – It is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! If you seriously want to make your own web site – one that will be successful – then the SBI method is the only way to go! Just look at the amazing results that these everyday people, just like you and I, are having!

Remember These Three Points

There are three points that I want to leave you with. These are three things that have stuck in my mind from day one. SBI and Ken Evoy make it very clear what it takes to be successful. They let you know up front what you can expect from them. Just as importantly they let you know what you should expect from yourself if you want to succeed at your online venture.

First – this is not a get rich quick scheme! You are building a business. Like any other business, this takes time, effort, determination and a desire to succeed.

Second – you must build a business based on something you’re passionate about. It makes the entire process so much more enjoyable! I love basketball so I built my first site around that topic. I also have SBI sites on the topics of coaching basketball, inspirational quotes and quotations and health and fitness…all subjects that I’m passionate about and have a great interest in. 

Third – if you follow the SBI method (Content – Traffic – PreSell – Monetize) and work your way through the 10-Day Action Guide – then your success is inevitable. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! The SBI wheel is all you need to successfully make your own web site!

A Must-See Video

Solo Build It (always improving and adding more free tools) has recently released a PHENOMINAL 30 minute video that fully explains the entire site-building process. A picture is worth a thousand words. And this video is worth a thousand pictures, which makes it worth a million words! This is fantastic stuff!! Click here to enjoy this information-packed video!!

With the Solo Build It system you will soon realize that you can make your own web site! I know it’s an often used cliché but it’s so true – If I can do it, anyone can – and that means you!!

I hope you have enjoyed all the information in this section. I would suggest that you print out any of the ebooks and read them in a quiet and comfortable spot. This will help you completely concentrate and get the most out of this great material!

If you have any questions about how to make your own web site that have not been answered in this section, or through the Solo Build It tools and materials, please click here to contact us.

Best of luck!! With Solo Build It, you can make your own web site!

Joe & Dena Waters