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Elevate Your Game With The Naypalm Basketball Dribbling And Shooting Aid

The Naypalm Helps Improve Overall Ball Handling Skills

Did you realize that fingertip control is one of the most critical aspects of handling the basketball? Whether you’re dribbling, passing or shooting – you must first be able to control the basketball. This control comes from the fingertips.

Many players, especially younger ones, make the mistake of using their palms to control the basketball. This is incorrect and actually limits the amount of control they have on the ball.

This basketball dribbling aid is an excellent product designed to teach players to use their fingertips – not their palms – to control the basketball.

The Benefits:

  • Trains you to keep your palm off of the ball.
  • Trains you to dribble and shoot with the fingertips – not the palms.
  • Helps improve your overall dribbling, shooting and passing skills.
  • Strengthens your fingers and wrists for correct dribbling.
  • Helps strengthen your weak hand.
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This is a very simple, yet highly effective training aid. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It gets the job done!

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