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Need Help With Basketball Rule

I need to know what the official basketball rule is in the NCAA, and possibly High School as well, when a 5th player commits his last foul and has fouled out of the game, yet, there are no able bodies to substitute? For example, say all of the remaining basketball players on the bench have fouled out already, and then another player on the floor commits his/her 5th foul. Is the coach able to substitute that player for a player on the bench who has already fouled out?

I know the NBA rule. I found it on their website. It states that the player has to remain in the game, but a technical is called in addition to the foul. It happens that way each time that player or any other basketball player has committed their allotted amount of fouls.

I need to know for a recreation basketball league that I’m coaching in. The opposing team’s best player fouled out with 30 seconds to go. Then, their last player on the floor fouled out and he wanted to put his best player back in. It didn’t really make any sense.

So I need to know the rule for this when it comes to Men’s NCAA basketball and possibly even the high school basketball rules. If you can also please direct me to an official location on the web so I can print it out and show the league manager too then that would be great, since the NCAA PDF rulebook on their website says nothing about this.

Thanks in advance,