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Nervous Basketball Player

Picture of Basketball Player

Picture of Basketball Player

I feel that I am an excellent basketball player.

I am a great shooter and passer, but when I get in a basketball game I get nervous and worried about what people will think if I mess up.

How can I fix this problem of getting nervous and remain more calm during basketball games?

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Mar 03, 2013
Mee to
by: Anonymous I get nervous during basketball games, too. It’s normal. Lol, one time I had the ball passed to me, and it hit me right in the face at about 75 mph. My parents understood mistakes happen. Just don’t let this become an issue.

Nov 11, 2008
Tune Out and Settle Down…
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Hey Jacob,Getting nervous during a basketball game is common for many players…even the pros.

All basketball players want to do well on the court for themselves, their team and the fans. Because of this, they often get worried about making mistakes and not performing as well as they think they should.

The biggest thing you can do to overcome this is to tune everything out and stay completely focused on the game. Mistakes are part of basketball – even the greatest NBA and college players make mistakes every single game. No one is expecting you to be perfect.

So, just go out, have fun and do the best you can on the basketball court. If you do that, and you’re happy with the effort you put into the game, everyone else will be happy with you as well. They understand that mistakes happen and that’s just part of the game.

You sound like a solid basketball player. Don’t let this become a big issue for you. Have confidence in your basketball skills and have fun on the court.

Best of luck!