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Never Show Your Frustration!

Youth Basketball Picture

Youth Basketball Picture

Never ever forget how hard basketball really is. Other than golf, it is the most frustrating game ever.

Basketball takes tons of time. It is impossible to dedicate the proper time that your child will need you to without becoming frustrated. The hard part is to keep it inside.

Nothing will hurt a child more than to hear you sigh after what seems like the millionth free throw plunking off the rim. More than likely if you take a break and forget about basketball for a minute the buckets will soon drop again!!

Also great for frustration is that time-honored goof off of H-O-R-S-E or PIG. It’s amazing how a couple of between the legs, behind the back, eyes closed lay-ups can make the game fun again.

I guess the most important thing is to always be patient and remember what inspired us all to pick up the rock in the first place. FUN!!

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Dec 06, 2007
Great basketball tip for parents
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Thanks for these great basketball tips John.

Anytime you’re dealing with kids and sports, there’s a chance you’ll get frustrated since your child is learning new and often difficult skills.

But, as John states, it does no one any good to show that frustration and lose your cool. After all, your child is playing basketball because they love the game, want to get better at it, and want to have fun. And, yes, there will be many, many times when they make mistakes. That’s all part of the learning process.

If you think about it that way…there really is never any good reason to get frustrated with them. However, if you feel like you’re ready to lose your temper, take John’s advice and play a couple of “goof-off” games to lighten your spirits.

These are all excellent basketball tips that all parents should be well aware of. Thanks John.