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Offensive And Defensive Basketball Post Position Drill

Tim Duncan Picture

Tim Duncan Picture

Level – Beginner and up

Instructions – This basketball post position drill starts with three offensive players on the perimeter – one at each wing and one at the top of the key. Put one offensive player and one defensive player in the lane.

The perimeter players pass the basketball around the perimeter and make an entry pass to the offensive player in the lane when available.

This forces the defensive player to maintain proper defensive position while the ball is being passed around the perimeter. This also forces the offensive player to set up the defender for superior offensive positioning.

This is a great basketball post position drill for both offensive and defensive post play. This drill is best set up in timed rotations, such as 15 – 30 seconds.

Excellent Basketball Post Drill – Thanks!
by: Joe Waters 

Great drill Jon. I’ve used it many times as a coach and it does work great for developing both offensive and defensive post play.

In addition, it helps the post players develop an instinct for the basketball and an aggressive style of play, which is essential for success in the post.

Also, the perimeter players are developing their perimeter and post-entry passing skills. This is one of the most important skills to being successful in the post. The perimeter players must be able to work the ball around the perimeter and feed the post at just the right time.

Again, great basketball post drill. One that works on so many aspects of the offensive post game.