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Offensive Fouls- Youth Basketball

Picture Of Girls Youth Basketball Players

Picture Of Girls Youth Basketball Players

I have a 4th grade daughter who loves basketball and is the primary person bringing down the ball. She has been called for an offensive foul 3-4 times in the last couple of games.

For lack of knowledge of basketball terminology, she is pushing back with her arm or sticking out her elbow as she feels the pressure from her defensive player.

She says that they are pushing on her and I truly don’t think that she realizes what she is doing.

Can anyone help me in how to help her curb this? I am a mom who knows little about basketball trying to help her daughter:0)

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Jan 14, 2008
She Is Protecting The Basketball
by: Joe Waters – webmaster This is a great basketball question.What your daughter is doing is actually good. Let me explain.

As an offensive player dribbling the basketball, whether it’s down court or on the offensive end of the court, you must always protect the ball from the defender.

The best way to protect or shield the basketball is with the body and “off arm” (the one not being used to dribble).

Your daughter is simply acting out of instinct (which is great) and trying to protect the basketball.

Now, to help her with the fouling you simply have to remind her to not thrust her arm or elbow out towards the defender. Instead, she should get that arm out in front of her (the elbow should be bent at about a 90 degree angle) and just use it to shield the ball.

Most kids don’t pick this skill up right away. Instead of shielding the basketball, they will simply stop dribbling and hold onto the ball.

Once your daughter learns to keep that elbow under control, she’ll be just fine.

I hope this helps answer your basketball question.