Pick and Roll

After setting the screen the screener rolls backwards (facing the cutter) blocking the path of the cutter’s defender.

Some say this is an offensive foul.

Is this true? And how can you avoid the foul in that case?

Thank you for your answer.

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Jun 03, 2008
Pick and roll is a legal basketball move…
by: Joe Waters – webmaster If I’m understanding your question…the move you’ve described is perfectly legal.

Once you set a screen on a teammates defender, you have a few options – roll, pop out, etc…

However, the main objective is to block (screen) that defender to free up your teammate and give your team an advantage.

The key to setting a screen without being called for a foul is to make sure you are set and not moving when the defender is cutting toward you. If you move to block their path, then a moving screen will be called.