Pivot Foot

Basketball Pivot Foot

Basketball Pivot Foot

What do you teach young players when they receive the basketball and turn to face the ring:

-pivot foot = inside foot?

-pivot foot = outside foot?

-inside and outside foot? (when the second option?)

-left/right foot for right/left handed players?

-you leave the choice to the player himself?

And coaching senior basketball players: Can they use the move they have learned when young or do you prefer everybody pivot the way you(the coach) prefer?

Thank you.

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Mar 07, 2008
Great Basketball Questions
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Thanks for the questions Wim.

Here’s what I always teach in regard to pivoting with the basketball – other coaches may have different philosophies on the pivot foot.

For young players I always teach them to catch the basketball using a two foot jump-stop. Once they catch the ball, they should then pivot to face the basket using their non-dominant foot as their pivot foot, and then be in a triple threat position.

So, if the basketball player is right handed, they would pivot on their left foot – and vice versa.

I find this is easier for younger players because it allows them to get into their triple threat position and then use their jab step and ball fake to get to the basket.

With older basketball players, depending on their skill level, I still like to see them use the two foot jump-stop, and pivot to face the basket.

However, they should also be able to catch the basketball and use the inside foot to pivot into position for a jump shot or drive to the basket.

So if the pass was coming from their left, they would be able to catch the basketball, pivot on the right foot and then shoot, drive or pass.

Again, this is assuming that they are skilled with both hands.

I hope this information helps. Best of luck!