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Playing Catch Up

Picture of High School Basketball Players

Picture of High School Basketball Players

My basketball question…

I play high school basketball, and I was starting at the beginning of the season. I won’t lie; it’s been a rough year for me. I just can’t get going, and a couple days ago, I lost my starting spot and I don’t get that much playing time either.

I’m wondering, how do I get back on top when the only time I get on the court is for maybe 2 minutes. It takes that long just to get warmed up.

So how do I back where I was with such limited minutes?

Thanks for answering this basketball question.

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Jan 14, 2008
Talk to your coach…
by: Joe Waters – webmaster This is a great basketball question that many players will be interested in.

What I would suggest you do is talk to your basketball coach. Ask him what you need to do to get more playing time. Maybe you need to work harder in practice, understand the team concepts better, be more effective in the games, etc…

Without knowing you, I can’t say what you need to do to get your playing time back. But, your coach will be able to tell you exactly what you need to work on.

Plus, all basketball coaches love it when players want to know what they need to do in order to get better. It shows them that the player is dedicated to the game and team.

Best of luck Caleb, and thanks again for the great basketball question.