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Residential Basketball Hoops

I am looking for an in-ground basketball hoop (preferably anchor system so it can be moved if necessary) for my driveway for my 15 and 17 year old boys…and friends of course.

I am looking to spend about $1000 on the basketball hoop. I have been researching this for weeks and see a lot of different information from thickness of backboards, sizes and gauges of steel posts to anchoring systems. It’s very overwhelming. What I would like to know is – What basketball hoop/system is the best quality and best buy for the money?

I have exhausted myself trying to put all the information together. I’m looking for someone who has already done all this groundwork and research and can come up with a reasonable solution for a good quality basketball hoop.

I have heard that the least expensive was the Goalrilla basketball systems, but that they have parts that are made in China and may not be the best quality, as with their other hoops. I was lead to believe Goalrilla was the name to go with, but looks like only for the higher end stuff.

So confused! If you can’t help, do you recommend anyone who can?

Thanks for the help.