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The Basketball Shooting Bandit: Develop the Perfect Shot

Learn To Knock Down The Big Shots With The Shooting Bandit

If you’re looking to become a consistent scoring threat who is capable of scoring from any spot on the court – then you must develop and perfect your shooting form.

The Basketball Bandit is a revolutionary device that helps you automatically develop the perfect basketball shooting form!

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  • Used by high school, NCAA & Professional Basketball Players.
  • Trains your arms to shoot with perfect form every time.
  • Puts your arms into the proper basketball shooting position.
  • Develops muscle memory in your arms so you shoot without thinking about your form – it’s automatic!
  • Comes with a video & training manual – complete with basketball shooting drills and instructions.

There are many shooting aids on the market today – but the Bandit is by far the best. It is the most complete and affordable shooting aid available today. You’ll be amazed at your incredible results and improved shooting accuracy!

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