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Simple Youth Basketball Plays To Improve Your Offense

These Simple Youth Basketball Plays will help you create many scoring opportunities on the offensive end of the court!

You might be wondering, “What makes a basketball play simple?”

A simple youth basketball play is one that is able to create easy scoring opportunities by the second or third pass of the play.

Obviously, it can take more than two or three passes to get a good shot – it all depends on the offensive execution as well as the defensive play.

However, when these plays are properly executed, they should create multiple high-percentage scoring opportunities after the basketball has been passed two to three times. If not, then the players will have various options that will create other scoring chances.

You might also be wondering, “If it’s a simple play – won’t it be simple to defend?”

The answer to this is “No”. The simple youth basketball plays in this section are easy to teach, learn and execute – but very difficult to defend. The plays utilize multiple screens, cuts, hand-offs, pick & rolls, and many other offensive fundamental skills that make them hard to defend.

The offensive players are constantly moving and looking for open teammates to create easy scoring opportunities. Because of this constant motion and the use of the skills mentioned above, these plays are extremely difficult for the defensive team to stop.

I’ve coached games when my team was able to run the same plays over and over again with great success. The plays were very simple – but the defensive team wasn’t able to make the adjustments needed to stop them. Our team executed the plays extremely well and the opponent (even though they knew which plays we were running) weren’t able to stop them. I think that says a lot about keeping things simple!

The basketball plays in this section will work well at any level of competition. Some modifications may be needed for younger players, but for the most part, these plays will suit all ages.

These basketball plays can be very effective at creating multiple scoring opportunities as well as high-percentage shots if they are executed properly. In order to execute these plays properly, players must have a solid foundation of the fundamental offensive skills of basketball. I think that’s pretty obvious!

Before implementing any of these simple youth basketball plays, players must first practice and understand the skills needed to execute them. It doesn’t make sense to introduce a play that involves screening if the players haven’t learned how to set and use a screen. As crazy as that sounds, many coaches do exactly that. The unsuccessful results are inevitable!

Players must be properly prepared before they can properly execute! I can’t emphasize this enough! Coaches, players and parents – make sure to establish a solid foundation of skills before introducing any of these plays. The players will be more successful on the court and have much more fun!

Check out our youth basketball drills page for some great ideas on teaching and learning the fundamentals of the game.

To view the basketball plays below, simply click on any one of the links and you will be taken to another page filled with diagrams and information on that particular play.

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Simple Youth Basketball Plays

Basketball Play #1: “Flash”

Basketball Play #2: “Twenty”

Basketball Play #3: “Double Staggered”

Basketball Play #4: “3 Down”

Basketball Play #5: “Celtics”

Basketball Play #6: “Double Screen Low”

Basketball Play #7: “Eagle”

Basketball Play #8: “Five”

Basketball Play #9: “Thirty”

Basketball Play #10: “1-4 High”

Basketball Play #11: “1-4 Wing”

I hope these Simple Basketball Plays will be effective at helping you create easy scoring opportunities. If executed properly these plays will put the players in a position to take high-percentage shots and score easy baskets.

Enjoy and best of luck!