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Become a Complete Athlete…Start Training with Speed and Agility Ladders Today

Speed and Agility Ladders For Indoor or Outdoor Agility Exercises

Speed and agility are two essential elements needed to become a complete basketball player. Having speed and quickness has such a HUGE impact on every aspect of your game.

Now, I’m not implying that speed and quickness makes you a great basketball player – I’ve seen plenty of fast players who just couldn’t play the game. What I’m saying is that having speed and quickness combined with good basketball skills will give you that competitive edge over the next player.

Speed agility ladders are one of those simple yet very effective tools that has a tremendous impact on a players overall development and improvement!

Benefits of Using a Speed Agility Ladder:

  • Helps players develop foot quickness.
  • Improves the player’s agility and coordination.
  • Versatile piece of equipment with many applications.
  • Fun to use – with GREAT results.


  • Two 5 yard ladders.
  • 20 rungs spaced 18″ apart.
  • Total length is over 10 yards.
  • Rungs are made of flat plastic for durability and safety.
  • Ladder separates at the middle (with Velcro) making two 5 yard ladders for parallel and change of direction exercises.
  • Complete with training manual for building foot speed, rhythm, reflexes, and overall body awareness.
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