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Start Your Child Out in a League That Their Friends Also Participate

It has been my experience as a player and coach that youth enjoy doing things with their friends. Whether it be sports, school activities or Scouts, most children join, because their friends are involved and they want to have fun with them.

When I decided to play team sports it was because all of my friends were playing. Also, I knew the coaches, because they were our school teachers and parents. I found that I enjoyed it win or lose, because I was playing with my friends.

When I played youth football on teams where my friends did not participate it was not as much fun. I didn’t know that much about my teammates, because I didn’t see them outside of practice and games. We liked each other, but lived apart and didn’t really know one another.

It’s almost like a kid moving and having to make friends at a new school. It’s not easy and not easy in sports as well.

I found this to be true when coaching also. The kids who hung out together had more fun than those who did not. With travel teams this happens a lot.

So try to make your child’s intro into youth basketball as easy as possible by keeping them in a familiar setting with kids and coaches they know.