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Strength Training without Equipment

You don’t have to join a gym to get involved in strength training. Strength and resistance training are low impact exercises that condition your joints and muscles. People usually do strength and resistance training exercises in a gym with weights or other equipment but you can also do them at home using just the resistance of your own body. It’s easy; we’ll show you how.

Warm Up First

Before beginning any workout, including strength training, it’s very important to warm up. That raises your heart rate and increases the blood flow to your muscles, decreasing the risk of injury. While resistance training at home is very safe and unlikely to cause injury, warming up is still important. You can warm up with a brisk walk or slow jog.


These are very simple yet effective exercises that develop muscle strength. Muscle strength is important in nearly all sports, including basketball.

Palm Press

Start this strength and resistance training exercise by standing up straight with your feet slightly apart. Put your hands together in front of your chest, sort of as if you are praying. Your shoulders, elbows and wrists should be in a straight line. Press your palms against each other as hard as you can. Hold for ten seconds, then rest a few seconds and repeat a few times.


In this strength training exercise, you stand in the same position but turn your hands so that one palm is facing up and the other is facing down. Press them together as hard as you can. Hold for ten seconds, then rest a few seconds and repeat a few times. Then turn your hands the other way and repeat.

Doorway Press for Shoulders

For this strength training exercise you need a doorway, and maybe a stool if you’re not very tall. However, those are things most of us have readily available at home.

Stand in the doorway with your back straight and knees slightly bent. Raise your arms above your head with your palms flat against the top of the doorway. Stand on a stool if necessary to reach the top of the doorway. Press upward as hard as you can. Hold for ten seconds, then rest a few seconds and repeat a few times.

Doorway Press for Back Muscles

For this strength and resistance training exercise, stand in the doorway in the same position as in the previous exercise. This time, though, instead of pushing against the top of the doorway with your palms, press your elbows into the sides of the doorway. This exercise works best with a narrow doorway; linen closet doorways are often the right size. Hold for ten seconds, then rest a few seconds and repeat a few times.


While strength training at home is usually very safe, there is always a risk of injury with any type of workout. If you feel pain, you should stop and consult a physician. If you’re not sure resistance training is right for you, talk to your doctor or an exercise physiologist before you start. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you should definitely check with a doctor because your muscles may be stronger than your bones and this type of exercise may actually lead to bone fractures.

Strength and resistance training exercises are generally good choices for children and teens since they are so safe and easy to perform, and of course children typically are not at risk for osteoporosis, but they should learn the proper techniques from experienced coaches or trainers. Like adults, children should stop if any exercises cause them pain and should consult a physician or exercise physiologist if they have concerns.