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Student-Athlete Question

Basketball Picture

Basketball Picture

Well it’s not really a true basketball question, but does anyone have ideas on how to play my best basketball while making my best grades?

I play on a high school basketball team where we actually have practice at 6-8am and then right after school from 4-7pm.

I notice that when my grades go up, my basketball goes down because I don’t practice as hard after being worn out from schoolwork.

When I’m playing good basketball, my grades go down because then I’m too tired to keep up in class.

Somebody help me with some ideas if you can.

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Feb 17, 2010
Pace Yourself!
by: Sara Okay buddy I’m not the best basketball player but I know how that feels. Pace yourself and explain to your basketball coach that you need time for school to get your grades up. Then if you think practice is too much don’t practice any other time then when you have basketball practice with your team.That’s the best advice I can give. Or maybe explain to your basketball coach about your grades and see if you can arrange with him to leave practice an hour early or something. Decide what works best for you, your coach and your basketball team.

A 7th grade basketball girl from Ohio.

Jan 07, 2008
by: Kevin Falenas True…I got ranked 25 out of 35 students. But my basketball skills improved greatly. All of my teachers said that I’ve played basketball too much.