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The Coaches Of My Kids Basketball Team

Picture Of Girls Youth Basketball Players

Picture Of Girls Youth Basketball Players

I don’t know if this is the type of basketball question you were expecting, however, myself and other parents of the team are becoming upset with the coaches. I personally played basketball for quite sometime in school; I know there are drills that need to be done to make us a better team.

The head coach feels that when his team of 5th grade girls does not win or for any other reason, that he needs to run them, and run them hard. Now I agree with running, but when the girls are cramping and almost crying, I feel that he is taking it too far.

His skills as a basketball coach we feel are not very helpful to the kids. I don’t feel that he runs the appropriate drills, or amount of drills, he would rather just simply run line drills.

We are losing, and losing bad. I would like to help him coach, but I’m not sure how to approach him. The assistant coach says nothing to the girls, and pretty much just stands around.

Do you have any suggestions on how I may approach him on coaching, without suggesting he stinks as a coach?

Thank you for your time.

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Jan 27, 2008
Keep a close eye on practices
by: Anonymous My daughter did a travel basketball team one year at 5th to 6th grade level. They ran the girls so much they would throw up. This was just too much. They also did a lot of yelling. She really didn’t want to play anymore, she had lost the love of the game.The next year we tried a club team. Different coaches can make such a difference. She loves to play now.

But don’t totally pull away from the other group. She will probably be playing with them as she gets older in high school. It is very hard to get back into that group of kids.

Jan 10, 2008
Just say…
by: Anonymous Go up to him and be like “I have some really good ideas and I think that if we teamed up as coaches we could really get the team moving”.This is important because with little girls like that it’s about learning and having fun. If he keeps coaching like you say he is, this may be there last season.

So just go for it all he can do is say no right?

Dec 06, 2007
Great Question From A Basketball Parent
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Hello and thank you for submitting such an important question regarding your daughter’s basketball coach.First, let me say this…the problem you, the other parents and players are facing is a common one for youth basketball.

Many coaches at the youth level are not properly trained on how to effectively coach their players. Therefore, they resort to running a few simple drills, usually ineffectively and with little or no teaching, and then get upset with the players when they don’t perform on the basketball court.

So, what can you and the other parents do? I would start by contacting the person in charge of the league and asking them what kind of training they offer their coaches, if any. If there is none in place, would they be willing to put on a coaching clinic? Granted, this will not solve your immediate problems; however, it will get the ball moving in the right direction for future players and coaches.

Next, I would organize a meeting between the parents and coaches to voice your concerns. In this meeting, I would tell the coaches that, although you appreciate their efforts, the girls don’t seem to be responding to their coaching style. Is there anything you, the parents, can do to help. At that point, you can offer to volunteer your time, thoughts, tips, drills, etc…

This is a simple way to let the coaches know that there is more help available if needed. It’s their call after that.

If nothing comes of these meetings, at the very least, you’ve laid the foundation for next year…possibly with a coaching clinic and some new volunteer coaches.

And one last thing, you should also talk to your daughter about the situation and help her keep a positive outlook on the game of basketball. Don’t let one bad experience ruin her love for the game.

I hope this information will help you make the best decisions for your daughter’s basketball team.