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Great Tips For Basketball Moves

These Tips For Basketball Moves are designed to help players, parents & coaches get a better understanding of the skills needed to be an effective offensive player.

By practicing and improving their basketball moves, players will accomplish four things.

1. They will improve their skill level at making various moves while controlling the basketball.

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2. They will become more confident in their ability to drive to the basket for scoring opportunities, and for opportunities to help their teammates score.

3. They will be more difficult to defend.

4. They will become a more valuable offensive player for their team.

These tips for basketball moves will also give parents and coaches a solid foundation for teaching the proper techniques to their children or players. These techniques are vital to helping players improve their skill level on the offensive end of the court.

In addition to the great tips for basketball moves below, I would also encourage you to check out our page on drills for basketball moves. These will provide you with some very valuable practice ideas.

Okay, on to the good stuff! These tips for basketball moves are divided into two sections. One is for perimeter moves and one for post moves. I would encourage players, parents and coaches to understand the tips for both of these sections.

In addition to this, I would also recommend that players work on drills for both perimeter and post moves. This will help them become a better all-around offensive player – and much more difficult to defend.

Tips For Basketball Moves – Perimeter Moves

  • Players should visualize the defender as they are practicing their moves.
  • Players should practice the moves they will use during a game. They should develop moves they are comfortable with and that they will use.
  • Players should practice the basketball moves at game speed. This will help them get their timing right for each move.
  • Players should make their moves with quickness and proper balance. Their moves are designed to get past the defender quickly.
  • Players should make their moves at full speed and under control. Again, the goal is to quickly get past their defender.
  • Players should practice making their moves without committing any violations such as traveling, double dribbling, etc…
  • Players should practice both live ball moves and dead ball moves. This will prepare them for the various situations they will face on the basketball court. These moves are outlined below.

1. Tips For Basketball Moves – Live Ball Moves.

  • Are made when the offensive player is still able to use their dribble.
  • These basketball offensive moves start from the triple-threat position. This is a good, balanced position that enables you to move quickly in any direction and to either dribble, pass or shoot.
  • These moves will be made by using the dribble to get past the defender and go toward the basket.
  • These moves should be made quickly, should attack the front foot of the defender, and should go directly toward the basket.

Some of the most common live ball moves are:

  • The direct drive is used to get past the defender with the dominant foot.
  • The hesitation move is made by taking a jab step at the defender with the dominant foot and, if the defender doesn’t react to that, then an explosive step past the defender to the basket.
  • The crossover move is made by taking a jab step toward the defender with the dominant foot and then crossing that foot over to the other side in front of the defender. You then explode past the defender toward the basket.

2. Tips For Basketball Moves – Dead Ball Moves.

  • Are made at the end of the dribble when you are within shooting range.
  • These basketball offensive moves are important; however, it is best to keep your dribble alive as long as possible to be more effective with the basketball.

Some of the most common dead ball moves are:

  • The jump shot is taken within shooting range and under control.
  • The shot fake and jump shot is used to fake the defender with a good fake and then take a good, under control shot.

Tips For Basketball Moves – Post Moves

  • Players should expect contact when playing the post position.
  • Players should be aggressive when playing the post.
  • Players should practice post moves that they are comfortable and confident with.
  • Players should practice using the backboard on their shots following a post move.
  • Players should keep their hands up when playing the post.
  • Players should make their post move based on where their defender is playing them. If the defender is playing high, the post move would be made toward the baseline. If the defender is playing low, the post move would be toward the middle of the lane.
  • Players should practice a variety of post moves. Again, these should be moves that they are confident in performing.

Some of the most common post moves are:

  • The post shot is the basic shot for post players. This shot is taken in the free throw lane and usually does not require the dribble.
  • The power move is usually made toward the baseline but can be made toward the middle. The move is made away from the defender. If the defender is playing you high, your power move is low-toward the baseline. If your defender is playing you low, your power move is high-toward the middle.This move is made by taking a drop step and sealing off the defender. At the same you take one power dribble toward the basket, come to a quick stop and explode up to the basket for the shot.
  • Facing moves can also be made. These moves are used when you turn and face the defender. From here you can take a jump shot, shot fake and jump shot, or any other outside moves that you have perfected.



I hope you found these Tips For Basketball Moves to be helpful and informative. Remember – to be a threat on offense, players must be able to make various moves when they have the basketball. This includes both perimeter and post moves. By practicing these moves, players become much harder to defend and much more valuable to their team.

If you need more great information on these basketball tips or other basketball topics, I would suggest you purchase some good basketball books and videos. These will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball.