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Too many players on the floor…

Basketball Referee

Basketball Referee

If a basketball official calls a foul on a player and then notices that the team that committed the foul had 6 players on the court – What type of call(s) should he/she make on that play?

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Jan 25, 2011
6 on 5 not fair
by: Anonymous What if one team scores that had six players on the court, do you take away the basket? A technical was called giving the other team 2 free throws and the ball . The refs kept the basket good ??????????????

Feb 26, 2008
An unusual situation…
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Typically a basketball referee will notice that a team has six players on the court and call an immediate technical foul.In the situation you describe, the basketball player would be called for a personal foul and the team would be called for a technical foul.

Hope this helps.