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The Vertical Jump Bible – Risk Free Trial Offer!

The Vertical Jump Bible delivers innovative information in pursuit of replacing an industry characterized with hype, empty promises, and failure. Learn the simple yet highly effective techniques needed to dramatically increase your vertical jump and help you jump higher.

This Complete Vertical Jump Master’s Course will give you just the right amount of scientific and technical detail to keep the knowledge you gain interesting but not overly technical and impractical.

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Here’s What You Will Learn With The Vertical Jump Developmental Bible…

  • A complete 140+ page resource manual filled with hundreds of tips and little known secrets to get you flying higher – The manual will answer any and every question you’ve ever had about the vertical jump!
  • multitude of exercises designed to work with whatever equipment you do or don’t have available!
  • 16 complete plyometric programs for all levels.
  • 16 complete combination weights and plyometrics program with each program designed to fit your unique needs determined by testing.
  • Programs to accommodate your level of dedication and time – If you’re short on time you can get superior results training only 30 minutes twice per week.
  • Don’t have access to a gym? That’s fine because you get a complete 12-week leg-strengthening program that requires absolutely no equipment or weights!
  • Complete testing procedures you can do in 5 minutes to direct you towards your optimum training focus and direct you towards the specific program best for you. Analyze your current level along with your training response.

And So Much More.

The Vertical Jump Developmental Bible

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The Vertical Jump Bible – Try It Risk-Free Today.