Vertical Jump Training Programs & Equipment

Vertical Jump Training For The Serious Player!

Are you interested in increasing your Vertical Jump? Well if you’re a serious basketball player…you better be! Vertical jump training programs and equipment have become the most popular and sought after basketball training aids on the market today. Simply stated – everyone wants to jump higher.

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Increasing your vertical leap is a crucial part to becoming a complete basketball player. Just think about it for a minute – running and jumping are two of the most important physical skills needed to compete in the game of basketball. The faster you run and the higher you jump, the more effective you will be at the game of basketball.

Just so I’m clear on this, simply running faster and jumping higher won’t make you a better basketball player. Obviously you still need to work on your basketball fundamentals and skills to become a well-rounded player. However, increasing your vertical jump and speed will make you that much more effective once you’ve mastered the basketball fundamentals. It’s a powerful combination that leads to great success on the basketball court.

How High Can They Jump?

Here’s some interesting information for you on some of the most popular and successful NBA players in recent years. Again, these players are all NBA stars.

Some could jump out of the gym – while others could barely get off the floor. But they were all successful and effective on the court. Again, this emphasizes the need to first master the fundamentals of the game – then combine those skills with a good vertical jump training program.

Who’s Got Hops?

Spud Webb — 46″
Michael Jordan — 43″
Vince Carter — 43″
Dominique Wilkins — 42″
Dr. J — 41″
Steve Francis — 40″
Kobe Bryant — 38″
Daryl Dawkins — 34″
Shaquille O’Neal — 32″
Karl Malone — 28″
Larry Bird — 28″

My Top Picks

There are tons of vertical jump programs and equipment on the market today. Some are good, some are bad and some are just plain junk. To make your selection process a little easier, I’ve narrowed the field down to what I consider to be the best products on the market today.

The short list below is what I consider to be the “Best of the Best.” I encourage you to review each program and product and then make the choice that’s best for you. Stay committed to your training and success and in a short amount time you will notice a significant increase in your vertical jump.

Top Vertical Jump Programs

NEW! An honest and thorough review of the top vertical jump programs on the market today. No hype – no BS – just straightforward reviews.

If you’re serious about improving your vertical jump and want to find the best vertical jump programs… check out my reviews now.

Top Vertical Jump Equipment

1. Jumpsoles

The #1 vertical jump shoes on the market today.

2. SpringBak SpringSoles

Jump higher & run faster. Used by Olympic and NCAA athletes.

3. Hyper Gravity Weight Belt

Increase your vertical leap and become a more explosive player.

If used properly and consistently the vertical jump training programs and vertical jump training equipment listed above will help you increase – and in some cases double your vertical leap.

Enjoy and best of luck!