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What Type of Tempo Should My Basketball Team Play?

I coach an 8th grade girls basketball team. This is my second year with these girls as I coached them in 7th grade. We lost only one game last year in 7th grade and play the team we lost to next week.

We have pretty good guards and average post players, so I try to coach an up tempo game communicating ball pressure, man-to-man defense and looking for fast break opportunities.

The problem is that the basketball team we lost to last year and play next week beat us with the up tempo game. They have a very fast, quick and talented point guard who had a lot of fast break points by herself. I fear that if we try to run with them we will be playing to their strength and I am tempted to slow it down looking to play the half court game more and feed it to our posts.

Our 4 and 5 players are average in my opinion, but above average compared to their post players, so we may have an advantage in that area. In addition, we struggled in our last basketball game when we tried to run. We had several bad passes off the fast break and many traveling calls when we tried to stop to pass ahead on the fast break.

What game tempo do you suggest? I am leaning on communicating both running and slowing it down depending on the situation. We need to try to feed our post players.

Also, what basketball drills do you suggest to help with our poor fast break passing and traveling while trying to pass off the dribble?