When to press

In youth basketball, eight years old, when should a team use a half court press or full court press?

If the team is winning by ten points do you recommend to continue to use the press?

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Feb 09, 2008
8 year olds shouldn’t be pressing yet…
by: Joe Waters – webmaster Hey Alberto…great basketball question.

I don’t agree with pressing at such a young age. Here’s why…

Eight year olds are still developing their dribbling, passing, cutting skills – as well as getting to understand the game.

This is hard enough for most of the kids at this age. When you add a press to this situation, it makes it nearly impossible for these young players to develop these fundamental basketball skills.

So, I don’t agree with pressing at this age.

However, to help answer your question – no don’t press if you’re winning by ten points.

Best of luck!