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The Youth Basketball Blog is my mini-journal about Youth Basketball. It will…

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Wilt Chamberlain

*100 points in 1 game, NBA record! *over 4000 points in 1 season, NBA record! *2 seasons with over 3000 points, NBA record! *1 season with a PPG of 50.1,

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wilt chamberlain

Look at all he did his record is better than Jordan. Now if you say Jordan won 6 and he won 2, all I say Russell won 11!!!!!

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MJ vs. Kobe

A lot of people are trying to say that Kobe is better or right there with Jordan. But sure Kobe ALMOST has as many rings as MJ, but MJ as more gold medals

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Don’t Rob Them of the Decision

This is a tip we learned as soccer parents but it also applies to basketball. We all think we know when a child should pass, drive, shoot or dribble, but

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Trust Your Basketball Coach

Trust your coach; you have entrusted your child in their care and owe them the opportunity to do their job. Show respect for the coach and their decisions

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Start Your Child Out in a League That Their Friends Also Participate

It has been my experience as a player and coach that youth enjoy doing things with their friends. Whether it be sports, school activities or Scouts, most

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Respect the game

I am a gym facilitator for a youth basketball league at the UCF campus in Orlando. If the parents are causing problems in the stands, showing poor sportsmanship

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Michael “Air” Jordan – The Greatest Ever

To explain why Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever…I’ll start with a few quotes from other NBA stars. Basketball quotes about Michael

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