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Valuable Youth Basketball Coaching Tips

Are you looking for Youth Basketball Coaching Tips? Do you need a little help planning and organizing your season? If so, the tips we’ve provided below will definitely help.

Coaching youth basketball can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have. This is a great opportunity for you to have a positive influence on the lives of the young athletes you’re coaching.

These youth basketball coaching tips can and should be used by coaches at all levels of competition – regardless of their coaching experience. These valuable tips will give coaches a solid foundation on how to properly work with their players and everyone else involved in their basketball experience.

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Youth Basketball Coaching Tips

1. Coaches should always be a positive role model for their players. Conduct yourself the way you would around your own family.

2. Coaches should treat all players equally. Some players will perform better than others. Some players will behave better than others. As a coach, you still have to treat these players equally.

3. Coaches should always remain calm and relaxed during practices and games. This will have a positive influence on how the players act.

4. Coaches should treat all players with respect. When you respect your players, they will respect you in return.

5. Coaches should always keep basketball in perspective – for them and their players. We all love basketball, but it is only one part of our lives!

6. Coaches should learn to communicate properly with the players, their parents, other coaches, the referees, and anyone else involved with their basketball team. This means thoroughly listening to the other person and then responding in a courteous manner.

7. Coaches should always let their players know that they can talk to them about anything – basketball issues or life issues. The player-coach relationship is very special. Players will come to you with many issues and questions. Always be there for them!

8. Coaches should treat referees, opponents, coaches, parents and fans with respect.

9. Coaches should teach their players to always be respectful to the referees, their opponents, the other coaches, their parents and the fans.

10. Coaches should teach their players to always win and lose with pride and respect. Losing is part of the game, and is a great learning experience for both the players and the coach.

11. Coaches should always emphasize good sportsmanship by their players. This goes along with #10, but also applies to practices, meetings, and other team events.

12. Coaches should allow their players to have some input into the various aspects of the team. This could be something as simple as naming the stretches they perform before practices and games. Or maybe developing their pre-game warm-up routine. It’s important to let the players get involved and have some input.

13. Coaches should make sure their players perform the proper stretches and warm-ups before practices and games. This will help prevent injuries and allow them to perform at their highest level.

14. Coaches should be consistent with their discipline. The players need to know that there are punishments for improper behavior. Set the punishments and stick with them. The players will respect that, and will actually behave and perform better knowing that you are serious.

More Youth Basketball Coaching Tips

15. Coaches should not use negative comments or criticism toward their players. When a player makes a mistake or misbehaves, coaches should use positive and constructive criticism. Negative comments usually make a player feel inferior and embarrassed.

16. Coaches should only use physical activities as a punishment when absolutely necessary. When they do use them, they should try to incorporate a basketball skill into the activity if at all possible. I know, sometimes the players need to run sprints in order to “wake up”, but look for other ways to do this. Excessive use of physical activity for punishment will turn the players off to these activities.

17. Coaches should use the game of basketball to teach their players about dedication, commitment, teamwork, and character. Some of the most important qualities of life!

18. Coaches should provide their players with a safe environment to practice and play in. They should make sure all equipment and facilities are in proper working condition.

19. Coaches should be properly trained in first aid and CPR. They should be prepared to deal with any minor injuries and also know the process for dealing with more severe injuries.

20. Coaches should understand the rules of the game. They should make sure that their players understand the basic rules as well. For more information on this, please visit our basketball rules page. 

21. Coaches should understand the terms of basketball. Their players should also understand these terms. This will make the communication process much easier on and off the basketball court.

22. Coaches should have their season planned out before it starts. This includes pre-season and in-season activities. Proper planning will make the season move along much smoother – allowing you to concentrate on coaching.

23. Coaches should plan their practices well in advance. They should know the skills and strategies they want to teach and then plan them with the proper teaching progressions. Please, don’t just wing it. That can be and usually is disastrous!

24. Coaches should emphasize to their players the need for proper nutrition before practices and games. This has a definite impact on how they perform. Talk to them about eating good, properly balanced meals.

25. Coaches should allow their players to have plenty of water before, during and after practices and games. Proper hydration is a key to performing well on the basketball court. It also helps reduce the chance of muscle cramps.

26. Coaches should make sure the team looks and dresses like a team. Depending on the level of competition, this could mean implementing a dress code for games. When a team looks good, they tend to feel good about themselves.

27. Coaches should also make sure the team has the proper basketball uniforms, shoes and equipment. I’m certainly not suggesting you have to buy all of this yourself – just make sure your team is properly equipped.

28. Coaches should always, always, always put their players first! I can’t stress that enough! Your players and their lives are so much more important than winning. Please keep that in mind as you approach your practices and games.

These youth basketball coaching tips should give you a solid foundation for starting, building and improving your coaching experience.

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I hope you found these Youth Basketball Coaching Tips to be helpful and informative. Coaches have so much influence on the lives of these young athletes and their basketball experience. Because of this, it is extremely important for them to approach coaching with the proper planning, commitment, values and principles.

The coaches who are willing to do this and who will follow the youth basketball coaching tips above, will have the most positive impact on their players. These coaches will be providing their players with an enjoyable and memorable basketball experience!

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