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Youth Basketball Offensive Play 3: “Baseline Stack 1”

Youth Basketball Offensive Play 3 is a simple, yet effective baseline out-of-bounds play. This play utilizes the stack formation, along with multiple cuts to create easy scoring opportunities.

One of the most important keys to being successful with inbound plays is to create more than one scoring opportunity for the players.

By giving the inbound passer more than one option on the play – easy scoring opportunities are created. Plus, the defense has a more difficult time defending the play and preventing a basket from being scored.

Another key to being successful is to give the players options once the ball is passed inbounds. If the ball handler does not have an immediate scoring opportunity once they receive the pass, then they should have a teammate who is ready to receive the pass and create a scoring opportunity.

Inbound plays that are properly designed address these important keys, give the players options, and create easy scoring opportunities! Youth Basketball Offensive Play 3 does all that!

Youth Basketball Play 3:
“Baseline Stack 1”

To help you understand the play, please follow the key below.

  • 1 = Point Guard
  • 2 = Wing
  • 3 = Wing
  • 4 = Post
  • 5 = Post
  • Black Dotted Arrow = Pass
  • Black Straight Arrow = Player Movement


  • 1 will be the inbound passer for this play. They will start the play by slapping the ball and yelling “Go”.
  • The players will start in a stack formation on the free throw lane line.
  • 5 will cut to the opposite elbow area and then move back outside of the 3-point line.
  • 4 will move back outside of the 3-point line in the wing area.
  • 3 will cut hard toward the basket looking for a pass from 1.
  • 2 will cut out to the corner.
  • 1 should look for 3 cutting toward the basket or 2 in the corner. If they are not open, then 1 should look for either 4 or 5.
  • Note: Players must make good fakes and cuts to get open for the pass from 1.

I hope Youth Basketball Offensive Play 3 has been helpful and informative! When executed properly, this play will produce many easy scoring opportunities for you!

Enjoy and best of luck!