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Youth Basketball Play 1 – “Circle Play”

Youth Basketball Play 1 is the Circle Play. This is a great play for coaches at all levels of competition. The Circle Play works best against man-to-man defense.

This is a fairly simple play to execute, while at the same time offering the players several options for scoring.

Before implementing youth basketball play 1, be sure that the players have a good understanding of setting and using screens. These skills are an important part of running this offensive play.

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Youth Basketball Play 1:

To help you understand the play, please follow the key below.

  • 1 = Point Guard
  • 2 = Wing
  • 3 = Wing
  • 4 = Post
  • 5 = Post
  • Black Dotted Arrow = Pass
  • Black Straight Arrow = Player Movement


  • 1 dribbles to the right wing.
  • 2 circles out to fill 1’s spot.

  • When 1 reaches the wing position, 4 sets a cross-screen for 5.
  • 5 slants to the ball-side high post area.
  • 5 sets a backscreen for 2.


  • 2 will cut off of 5’s backscreen and look for a pass from 1.
  • If the pass is made, 2 will drive to the basket for a shot.
  • If the pass to 2 is not open, 5 should be ready for a pass in the high post position.


  • If 5 gets a pass in the high post, they should immediately look for 2 in the low post area. This is a “high-low” play.
  • If 5 doesn’t get the pass in the high post, they should step out to get a pass from 1.
  • 5 will then look to reverse the ball quickly to 3.
  • As 5 steps out for the pass from 1, 3 should be setting up for a pass from 5.


  • As 5 makes a pass to 3, 4 will set a cross-screen for 2.
  • 2 will use 4’s screen to get open for a baseline jump shot.
  • 4 should get position in the low post and look for a possible pass from 2.
  • If 2 does not have a good shot, they should pass the ball to 4 in the low post.


  • Options – When 5 reverses the ball to 3, they can run a give-and-go play.



Best of luck as you implement the Youth Basketball Circle Play into your offense. As always, make sure you’re players have a solid foundation of the fundamentals of basketball before you try to run this play.

Teach the fundamentals first, and then incorporate them into your offensive strategy. This will help insure your team’s success!

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