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Youth Basketball Play 4 – “14”

Youth Basketball Play 4 is called “14.” This is a great play that utilizes a 1-4 high formation.

This formation makes the play very effective because it draws the defense out away from the basket opening up the lane area. With an open lane, players are able to drive and cut to the basket more efficiently for easy scoring opportunities!

This offensive play works great against man-to-man defense and can be used at any level of competition.

As always, you must first teach your players the fundamentals of basketball before you can implement an offense. Once your players can perform the offensive fundamentals properly, you can then incorporate those into your offensive strategy.

Check out our youth basketball drills page for some great ideas on teaching your players the fundamentals of the game.

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Youth Basketball Play 4:

To help you understand the play, please follow the key below.

  • 1 = Point Guard
  • 2 = Wing
  • 3 = Wing
  • 4 = Post
  • 5 = Post
  • Black Dotted Arrow = Pass
  • Black Straight Arrow = Player Movement


  • The players will start in a 1-2-2 formation.
  • As 1 brings the ball over half-court, they will yell “Go”.
  • 2 and 3 will cut out to the foul line extended area – beyond the 3-point line.
  • 4 and 5 will cut up the lane to the elbow area.
  • 4 and 5 should be ready for a pass from 1. If they receive a pass they should look for a drive to the basket. They can also look for an open teammate cutting to the basket.
  • The players are now in a 1-4 formation.


  • If the pass does not go to 4 or 5, 1 should look to pass the ball to 2 or 3.
  • 2 and 3 must use good v-cuts to get open for the pass from 1.


  • 1 will pass to 2 and then use 4’s screen to cut to the basket.
  • 1 should set their man up with a good cut and then run them into the screener.
  • 1 will look for a return pass from 2 and then drive to the basket.
  • As 1 is cutting to the basket, 3 will come up to the point position.
  • If 1 does not receive the pass from 2, they will cut to the other side of the court and take 3’s position.


  • If 1 doesn’t receive the pass from 2, 4 will set a screen on 5’s defender.
  • 5 should run their defender into 4’s screen and cut to the basket looking for a pass from 2.
  • If 5 gets the pass from 2, they should drive to the basket for a shot.
  • If 5 doesn’t get a pass from 2, they should go to the weak-side low post area.


  • After setting the screen for 5, 4 should open up to the ball.
  • If 5 doesn’t receive the pass from 2, 4 should then roll to the basket looking for a pass from 2 and scoring opportunity.
  • If 4 doesn’t receive the pass from 2, they should set up in the ball-side low post area.
  • If 2 is unable to pass to any of the cutters, they should pass the ball back out to 3.
  • You are now back in the starting position for this play.



Youth Basketball Play 4 is a very simple offensive play – yet it can be so effective when executed properly.

The key to this offense, as well as any other offense, is being fundamentally sound. By drilling your players on the fundamentals first, you are setting them up for success.

For more coaching tips and advice, please visit out youth basketball coaching webpage. Best of luck!